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Vacation Highlights is the Low Maintenance Hair Color Trend That Needs Touch-ups Every 6 Months

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Seem that once again, we won’t be able to travel outside of our countries and indulge in a relaxing spring vacation. But, just because we won’t be visiting foreign places anytime soon doesn’t mean we can’t invite vacay vibes into our looks. For the ladies who want to embrace that sunkissed look, hair colorists have the perfect solution. Instead of letting the sun do the work, visit the salon for some vacation highlights. Choose a shade that’s a tone or two lighter than your base to effortlessly refresh your look. If we sparked your interest, scroll down for our list of mesmerizing ideas for natural-like vacation highlights.

vacation highlights is the low maintenance hair color trend that needs touch-ups every 6 months
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Photo By @prissyhippiebeautyshop/Instagram

Spice up your look with gorgeous blonde highlights for a remarkable appearance. Apply the shade using the balayage technique to revive your current color without making any drastic changes.

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