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Upgrade Your Balayage With The Teasylights Hair Color Trend

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It’s the hottest season of the year, so you must be thinking of doing something cool with your hair to match the summer vibe. With so many celebs going blonde, you must be tempted to at least highlight your hair more than usual. If you’re not ready to test if blondes have more fun just yet, this brand new way to do balayage might be just what you need to brighten up your look. Meet “Teasylights,” a natural-looking color that leans towards the bright side, giving the wearer a refreshed look. Scroll down to discover everything that you need to know about the teasylights hair color trend.

teasylights hair color trend
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Photo By @paintyourwave/Instagram

This innovative coloring technique is a hybrid of balayage and traditional highlights. As the name implies, it involves teasing your hair before applying lightener.

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