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Try Some of These Mesmerizing Chocolate Almond Dye Jobs to Update Your Look for Spring

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Who would have thought that among all the bright and vibrant hair colors for spring, a natural-like dye job might rise to popularity? Chocolate almond hair is becoming a big hit, especially for brunettes who want to refresh their look in a low-maintenance way. While chocolaty-shades aren’t anything new, this hair color adds a warm touch that will soften your appearance. If you’re curious about this rising trend, scroll through our list of gorgeous chocolate almond dye jobs. Don’t forget to pin your favorite looks for your next trip to the salon!

try some of these mesmerizing chocolate almond dye jobs to update your look for spring
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Photo By @colorbymarina/Instagram

As a mix of chocolaty brunette tones with a hint of caramel and gold accents, chocolate almond dye jobs create a subtle contrast. If you prefer an ultra-natural look, apply the color closer to your ends and on your front sections for a stunning look.

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