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Top 5 Reasons Why IV Therapy and Wellness are on The Rise

If you’re in the health and fitness world, you may have recently seen the IV therapy trend popping up in conversations. Although many aren’t sure if it’s for them, there are tons of awesome qualities this procedure can offer that will give you a chance to feel and look better than you have in years.

These are the top five reasons why IV therapy and wellness are on the rise!

1. Slows the Signs of Ageing

If you’re dehydrated, low on some vitamins, and low in energy: your age will show. Although there’s no magic tool or serum that’s going to make you look 20 years younger instantly, getting the right moisture content and nutrition can slow the signs of aging and leave you looking and feeling better.

When we’re dehydrated, we tend to wrinkle more, and exhaustion can lead to dark circles and eye bags that can age us further, leaving us looking tired and world-worn. Instead, IV therapy gives your skin and body what it needs to keep you looking as incredible as you should and leaves you feeling worlds better.

2. Skips the Wasteful Digestive System

Our digestive system is a powerful machine that works hard to keep what we need and expel what we don’t, but it uses up a lot of calories to do so! These are calories and nutrients that are getting spent when we’re trying to absorb more, which means it’s not always the best method for absorbing more nutrients.

By going through IV, you’re getting this hydration, nutrients, and vitamin mix put as directly into your system as possible. This saves any wasted nutrients and allows your body to work with them immediately.

Although our digestive systems are amazing tools that help our bodies function every single day, going through IV therapy ensures you can help your system with an extra boost every once in a while.

3. Can Help Mental Health

Mental health is a hot topic in 2023, as many people are finally grappling with overcoming the stress, anxiety, and anger that the last handful of years has brought on. People want to work on their minds and get back to a healthier and happier place, and IV therapy can offer that.

Not only does this treatment help your body produce more energy for you to burn and enjoy, but it also gives you the vitamins and nutrients necessary to help your body get back to producing serotonin and fight off that anxiety.

Anyone who has dealt with stress is immediately excited to hear about a medical procedure or treatment that can help them, and IV therapy offers the best of both worlds. 

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4. It’s a Fast and Simple Treatment

Although we all say we’d do anything to help our mental and physical health, many of us don’t have the time to stop and take a day off, so luckily, IV therapy works around it. You can even get Las Vegas mobile IV therapy, which comes to your apartment, hotel, or home if you’re in the right area!

The average IV therapy treatment takes less than an hour to administer; meanwhile, you get to be comfortable and look at your phone, meditate, or do anything else you want to relax. When you’re done, you’ll feel the results within a few days, and they can last weeks. 

This saves you a lot of time while also giving you around an hour where you can focus on yourself, slow down, and breathe. Most medical treatments are stressful, so the fact that this one is so simple makes life a lot easier.

5. Gives You the Chance to Trust the Science

A lot of beauty and body care seems to be hooked on a gimmick within the last few years. Ranging from getting facials that actually damage your skin to mysterious goops and serums you might use because you’re told to despite seeing no real changes while you use them: it’s exhausting and can feel like you’re being sold snake oil.

IV therapy is popular in 2023 because people are tired of chasing miracle treatments and products that don’t have any real proof that they work. IV therapy hydrates your body while also giving you the nutrients and vitamins you need. There are multiple studies that show this is a faster and more effective way to do this than eating pills or drinking water, and the science behind it proves it’s not just another gimmick.

People are tired of guessing what company is telling the truth, and IV therapy gives them a chance to stop and go with something they know will work. After most clients receive their first treatment, they feel and look better and more confident, which can boost the popularity of this treatment even more.

Health and Beauty are Intrinsically Tied

Whether you’re nervous about how hydrated you’re able to stay or you’re trying to give your body the boost it needs to recover from a rough year, IV therapy can be a great option. Give yourself the chance you deserve to reach better health in 2023.

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