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This Makeup Artist Shows The Power Of Makeup Through Four-Step Beauty Transformations

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Many makeup artists decide to show us only full-face makeup looks without the before part. While there’s nothing wrong with that, as huge beauty enthusiasts we enjoy seeing the process. The before-and-after photos don’t merely capture one’s physical appearance before and after applying tons of makeup. They also show a change in emotion, a boost in confidence and character expression through makeup. These things are what drive Brazillian makeup artist and international educator Raphael Oliver to not only create mesmerizing makeup looks but give us a glimpse into the process of transformation. Below you’ll find the most impressive beauty transformations by this talented makeup artist, from bare face to contouring, to eye makeup to full glam.

this makeup artist shows the power of makeup through 4 step beauty transformations
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Photo By @raphaeloliverofficial/Instagram

Raphael Oliver “believes in makeup as a non-verbal communication tool and a tool for valuing, discovering and establishing the brand and personal identity of each person.” He relies on the power of makeup to extract the maximum beauty potential of each client or model that sits in his makeup chair.

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