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These are the Top Beauty Searches on Google in 2020

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The entire 2020 has been a rollercoastеr ride. Our way of living changed drastically and we were forced to find new passions and projects to replace our need for socializing. However, there’s one constant that preserved through it all – beauty. Since our homes became our entire world, many used the occasion to focus on bettering their makeup, hair, and skincare skills and routines. We couldn’t visit the salons and consult beauty professionals, so we turned to the eternal wisdom of Google and social platforms. As a summary of our time well spent in quarantine, we gathered the top 2020 beauty searches. How many of them have you googled?

How to Trim Your Own Hair

these are the top beauty searches on google in 2020
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Photo By @stellacini/Instagram

As we went into lockdown and all the saloons were forced to close, our roots and ends were left unattended. Regular trims were no longer an option so we took matters into our own hands. After all, if you haven’t tried to chop your hair this year in quarantine, you probably never will!

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