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These ’70s Inspired Makeup Trends are Back and Better than Ever

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The sun goddess bronzers, pastel eyeshadow, and graphic liner of today are relics of the 70s makeup looks that were so iconic that they have endured to this day. These 70s-inspired makeup trends, however, have a deeper meaning.

70s-inspired makeup trends are synonymous with freedom and are often accompanied by sweeping musical scores. It’s a feeling, and the simplest way to get into it is via your makeup kit.

It was a lot of fun to play dress-up and learn about a period when a lot of glitzy makeup, bright colors, and big, fluffy hairstyles were popular. The outrageously bright makeup and fluffy hairdos are just awesome.

Moreover, the fashions of the 1970s were universally recognized as paradigmatic. Natural girl-next-door, hippy, and disco queen fashions were all popular throughout the decade, and they all mirrored the culture of the day.

We have explored the most popular 70s makeup trends, so you may attempt a new style or get ideas for a costume party. To learn how to get this style for yourself, keep reading!

These 70’s Inspired Makeup Trends Are Back And Better Than Ever 1
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Photo By @ang.oganesyan/Instagram

Blue eyeshadow was a mandatory makeup essential in the late 70s. These days this color is more in use than any other possible hue.

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