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The Vampire Breast Lift

Have you always wanted fuller, perkier and bigger breasts, but don’t want to undergo breast augmentation? Now a new procedure that is modeled on the popular vampire facelift offers women rounder breasts!

Dr. Charles Runels has perfected the vampire breast lift. In this procedure, he draws the patient’s own blood. He then puts it in a centrifuge to separate the platelets into a platelet-dense plasma. The plasma is then injected into the patient’s breast area. These stem cells grow new tissue thereby creating rounder, fuller breasts!

The vampire breast lift costs approximately $1,800. This is considerably less than a traditional breast augmentation. However, this procedure is not intended to be a substitute for implants. Rather, the vampire breast lift is ideal for women who want a little extra roundness. Breasts will look naturally fuller, but this will not increase the cup size.

The procedure lasts only 15 minutes and patients will see the full difference in two months. The results will last a year or two and in some women the results are indefinite.

Would you restore youthful volume and fullness to your breasts with the vampire breast lift? Or do you think a push up bra will achieve the same effect?

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