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The Story of Smooth Skin and Lasers

There’s more to smooth skin than simply being camera-ready. People don’t simply task themselves with preserving their supple skin for the sake of showing off. There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to take good care of the first layer of protection on your body, and it goes beyond the mere fashion trends that so many people associate cosmetic treatments with.

Fraxel treatments have become a phenomenon in recent years. What used to involve complicated procedures and all matter of invasive surgical steps can now be done without piercing a single skin cell. This is what makes Fraxel such a unique treatment among the many other skin resurfacing procedures that are performed today.

The Works

Skin starts out smooth for pretty much everyone. It is after years and years of punishment that it begins to lose that smoothness. Consider all the dirty particles in the air, all the scratches and damage your skin has taken all this time; naturally, it’s not going to be in completely great shape. Simple acne scars are enough to cause many irregularities and an uneven surface of skin.

You may initially think this is purely a beauty or aesthetic problem to have smooth skin, but there are actually health-related reasons why it’s such a big deal. 

Skin cells grow old and weak as time goes on. This is their natural cycle, as the more they are exposed to the outside world, the weaker they get. As a result, they shrivel and dry up, becoming a lot weaker than they were while still young, which means that your skin’s and overall body’s safety can become compromised. Which is why your skin regularly sheds its old cells and allows for newer ones to grow in their place. 

This is a way for it to stay consistently strong and fresh, without losing its ability to withstand any external dangers that may come around. Unfortunately, though this process is completely natural and very effective at what it does, skin does not regrow smoothly by itself. Depending on what cells have been shed or what part of the face is growing the new cells, your skin may become uneven, with all kinds of bumps and trenches. 

What Fraxel does, is it takes areas of the skin that have been damaged over time, like for example sun spots and acne scars, and thanks to the special laser tool, stimulates the skin into growing fresh skin cells to replace the damaged ones. Through this, it is able to repair vast amounts of damage on the body, anything from wrinkles to scarring, and all of it is done thanks to the skin’s natural ability to repair itself.

There are no injections, no cuts or incisions involved; the laser barely causes any damage to the skin, but the damage it does make is strictly controlled and strategically applied, in order to properly stimulate the skin.

What to Expect

Clients go into Fraxel treatments for a wide variety of reasons and different results. Among the most popular is younger clients, ages 50 and younger, who go in to treat acne scars. These are generally developed during teenage years and are very hard to get rid of if you don’t take proper care of them while still young. By stimulating the skin to regenerate the skin and get rid of the old damaged cells, clients find their acne scars disappearing under a fresh new layer of skin and a vibrant, supple surface. 

Other clients go in for anti-aging with the wish to see their wrinkles and age-related pigmentation disappear. This works very well with Fraxel, as the fresh skin cells create a tighter and smooth skin surface, making the wrinkles less visible. And the new cells also come with more vibrant color, getting rid of skin pigmentation, like sunspots, which come with age.

Fraxel, in general, is a very versatile treatment for repairing the damaged skin surface and anti-aging. It works very well after several treatments with enough time in between for the skin to recover.

Fraxel Treatments in NYC

If you happen to live in NYC, much like many other cosmetic treatments, Fraxel is widely available among many clinics. Because of how safe, versatile and effective it is, Fraxel is a very trusted tool for countless clinics and is quite accessible to people of all economic backgrounds, even with a somewhat limited budget.

While I can’t promise you that it’ll take a pocket change out of your budget, Fraxel is still very much affordable if you look in the right places. NYC has a lot of variety in terms of treatment plans and pricing, with one of the best places to look being MiracleFace MedSpa, who are a longtime favorite of NYC residents for many of their treatment plans. One of their most popular ones happens to be their Fraxel NYC package, which offers cosmetic skin resurfacing performed by Ivy-League trained professionals, but for a price that’s quite reasonable.

Part of what makes a good clinic is their desire to give back to the city, and MiracleFace MedSpa does this with its many deals that it offers to both loyal and new coming clients. This has built a nice, little community for the clinic, as their loyal clients take advantage of the clinic’s great service, which doesn’t put much pressure on their budget. And with a spotless track record of a wide range of treatments, MiracleFace MedSpa’s doors are always open for anyone looking to get a little refresher. Their simple strategy is that the best things in life need to be shared with as many people as possible, a philosophy they continue to uphold for years.

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