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The Pros and Cons of Wearing Sunglasses All the Time

Sunglasses never go out of fashion. Season after season looks change radically; what’s hype today is kitsch tomorrow, and so on. Yet, sunglasses have never lost their appeal, even if shapes and sizes have varied widely over time. If it’s true that popular shapes vary a lot, there has never been a season without sunglasses.

While looking at fashionable eyewear on Vogue and the likes, one could be surprised to learn that sunglasses have been around since at least the 12th century. Although they can offer protection to more sensitive eyes, is there a problem in using sunglasses for too long?

You Can Leave Your Glass On 

Sunglasses are advisable in several situations when your eyes need protection. Excessive exposure to sunlight or other light sources is the most common reason for picking up darker lenses. Some people are more sensitive to sun exposure and need unique eyewear outdoors. 

Those who need corrective glasses can pick fitover sunglasses. These kinds of glasses fit over your everyday glasses. So, they don’t require removing the corrective glasses. Additionally, they protect your eyes from wind, dust, and debris. Anyway, it’s possible to order sunglasses with all types of corrective lenses. 

Some options come with polarised glasses. This type of glass provides a much clearer sight, with better contrast and colors. Better still, it protects against the harmful effects of excessive exposure to sunlight. It also helps reduce eye strain for those who work outdoors. Those using polarised lenses may find it difficult to read LCD screens. 

A Matter of Taste and Health

We all love sunglasses, which have been making us more stylish for centuries. Still, it doesn’t mean you should wear it all the time. Apart from the situations mentioned above, using them can be harmful to the eyes

Our pupils are designed to adjust to room light and naturally open or close, depending on the situation. Wearing sunglasses always will keep your pupils stabilized in the same size. So, when you remove your glasses, the light exposure will change abruptly, damaging your eyes. As a general rule, never use sunglasses indoors. It doesn’t even look good, anyway. 

A Protection for Every Occasion

Now that you know when and when not to use sunglasses, here are some types of protection you can get without giving up style.

UV Lenses

UV lenses are designed to block two of the most damaging sun rays: UVA and UVB. The best lenses can also block blue light effectively. Notice that these lenses can only protect your eyes from the front; additional cover, like a hat, might still be necessary. 

Mirrored Lenses

Mirrored lenses prevent glare and also block UV rays. Besides, mirrored lenses give that mysterious look like no other lens. Unfortunately, these lenses are more sensitive to scratches and also tend to be more expensive. 

Anti-Reflective Lenses 

An AR coating or anti-glare coating does what it says: reduces reflexes on the lens. This coating can be applied on both sides of the lens. It’s perfect for watching TV or staring at any type of backlit screens, such as an LCD.

Polarized Lenses

This type uses a particular chemical that reduces glare and strain considerably. Besides, it provides better sight of water surfaces. So, it’s a popular option for those fishing or practicing water sports. This kind of glass can be costly, though, and less durable than other types.

Photochromic Lenses

These are also called transition lenses and darken gradually depending on the level of exposure. It’s a cost-effective option, allowing you to save with an extra pair of glasses. However, they’re less effective against sudden glares than polarised sunglasses.

Health and Style

Sunglasses look awesome; at the same time, they protect your eyes in many different situations. Remember only to use them outdoors, though. Choose the frame and lenses that better suit your needs and tastes, and go break a few hearts!

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