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The Prettiest Wearable Dark Hair Colors to Take to The Salon

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Dark hair colors might be less popular than bright dye jobs, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t equally stunning. These deep tones can enrich your look and give you a touch of sexiness. The most important thing is to choose a hair color that flatters your skin tone and matches your lifestyle. For instance, if you’re on a tight schedule, a low-maintenance balayage or ombre will help you get away with fewer salon visits. Dark hair colors are also a great option for those willing to experiment a bit more. Some of these tones can give you a distinctive look while being wearable and easier to pull off compared to bright hair colors. We sourced the prettiest wearable dark hair colors to get your inspiration going.

If you want to play it safe, yet nail a unique look, this ashy brown hair color will help you achieve the desired result. The ashy accents will also infuse your look with dimension and movement.

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