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The Gingerbread Caramel Hair Color Is The Hottest Comeback Trend For Fall

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When it comes to season changes, there is nothing we love more than a little change in style. Whether it’s a new pair of ankle boots or new hair color, fall is the perfect time to change things up. If you’re hungry for a hair color transformation, we have the perfect shade for you! Gingerbread caramel hair color is the comeback trend that’s already flowing through everyone’s Insta feed – again. We gathered the hottest gingerbread caramel hair looks, so keep scrolling for inspiration.

gingerbread caramel hair color is the comeback trend for fall
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Photo By @ruivasradiantes/Instagram

Gingerbread caramel hair is a delicious shade of caramel, with a bit of spice. Getting its name from the yummy gingerbread, this color has a cozy feel and fits well into the fall aesthetic.

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