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The Best Balayages Styles for Brunettes 

Among the major beauty trends that continue to be at the forefront for the year and the one that shows no signs of stopping is the Balayage.

Whether you have long hair, short, are blonde or brunette, no one is exempt and you can also refresh your image with this version of the California highlights. This one is the favorite among celebrities such as actress and Mexican “It Girl” Eiza González and supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio.

Social networks such as Pinterest have seen an increase of 25% in saved ideas for “balayage for dark skin” in the last three months. From caramel to brown ash, balayage has shown to be without a doubt a booming trend in hairstyle, especially among brunettes

So, here we present five different styles of balayage that are perfect for dark hair and will help you get the best out of this fashionable hairstyle:

Balayage with Waves

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The rays that shine on your hair can have an enhanced effect. It would also help if you go with waves that give volume to your hair.

Caramel Balayage

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Mexicana 🇲🇽

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It achieves a natural degraded effect, perfect for those with brown skin. It does not look fake and the hair looks healthier.

Gold Balayage

Do not be afraid to go for something more blonde beyond your tips. The Californian effect is still on trend and the contrast with the dark roots is all the rage in fashion right now.

Balayage Highlights

These are a soft version of the highlights of past trends, so that the final result is not a zebra effect, with symmetrical and perfectly marked stripes of hair, in order to give it a more natural look.


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