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The Beginner’s Guide to Men’s Jewelry

Thanks to the endless, daily stream of social media blasted into our brains and the wide variety of internet marketplaces available, it couldn’t be easier to find that perfect accessory. That being said, it’s now much easier to get overwhelmed with all the options for both casual and luxury jewellery.

That’s where I come in. I’ve put extra effort into catering this guide towards newcomers, but for those of us who already know a thing or two, it’s worth reminding yourself of the basics. Why wouldn’t you?

Whether you’re a first-time buyer delving into the often-ignored world of men’s jewellery, or just searching for the perfect accessory he’s bound to love, it couldn’t be simpler to find the piece you’re looking for.

What style are you looking for?

Everyone has their individual preferences, so starting with a broad question like this either seems obvious or redundant. The fact is, the majority of people (myself included) don’t know what they want until they see it, so doing your research is vital. If you know the style you or your partner are going for, great! If not, join the rest of us and get searching!

Do you want something simple and timeless? High-karat, precious metals are your best friends, even if they are more expensive pieces of jewelry. Is detail and flair more your thing? I’d recommend looking into engraved, embossed or bejewelled pieces to really make a statement. However, try not to restrict yourself. If nothing in your chosen style is jumping out at you, it’s worth looking at a range of options to diversify your possible looks.

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Which material do you want?

Following on, the material of your chosen jewellery is important to consider. There’s a wide variety of different materials available to you, and each one has their own impact on the look you’re trying to create.

Wooden jewellery – perfect for casual dressing, though perhaps seen as less luxurious – has experienced a significant rise in popularity in recent years. As the fashion industry cuts down on leather, wood is a sustainable alternative: similarly easy to have personalized and its neutral appearance adapts to and compliments many styles.

Gold, silver and platinum are traditional and high-quality staples of good taste, versatile enough to suit almost any formal outfits. Though their quality and value are long-lasting, rings and bracelets of high-karat precious metals are not suited to constant or active wear. If your jewellery is likely to experience some wear and tear, steel or titanium might be a better choice.

Is it the right size?

An integral, but often forgotten, aspect of online jewellery shopping is making sure you have the right size. You want enough of your necklace to be visible, but the likelihood is you don’t want to choke when you wear it. Sure, it’s nice luxury jewellery, but it won’t add much to your outfit if your bracelet is 3 sizes too big and slips off when you straighten your arm.

Ensuring your accessories fit your body well is just as important as getting a suit or pair of pants fitted; a good piece of jewellery should not just fit, but also compliment your body. Not even 10 years ago you’d have to physically drag yourself to the jewellery store and try on 5 or 6 different pieces if you wanted to find your size. And unless you were buying a ring, you could forget about easy standardized sizing.

Thankfully, these days all of the info and resources you need are available online. Take a tape measure (or print a paper one), wrap it around your digit or wrist and compare the measurement to your ring or bracelet size chart. You may want to go a size up or down, depending on the fit you want – whether that’s comfortably loose or firmly secured – but otherwise you are golden.

When buying jewellery online, you absolutely need to know what you want before you buy it. Though the expansive variety of online marketplaces gives you a far greater range of options than any jewellery store could ever hope to, you won’t be able to get your hands on it until you’ve paid. That’s where retail locations have the advantage.

Thankfully, through this simple but comprehensive guide, you’re now equipped with the vital know-how you need to research, compare and narrow down on that piece that’s been calling out to you. There’s nothing stopping you from conquering.


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