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Teasy Lights is The New Low-Maintenance Trend to Try This Season

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Many hair trends come and go, but highlighting techniques are never out of style. This season, a new trend called teasy lights has taken over the scene and women are eager to jump right on it. If you haven’t heard the term yet, we’re talking about a low-maintenance highlighting technique that gives a natural-like effect on your strands. The technique stands somewhere between a regular balayage and highlights, teasing the hair before applying any dye. This creates a brighter lift that will instantly soften your appearance. For those that need some visuals before deciding on it, we created the ultimate list. Browse through our gallery and see for yourself how stunning this technique is!

teasy lights is the new low - maintenance trend to try this season
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Photo By @behindthechair_com/Instagram

Teasy lights are the perfect choice for brunettes who want to spice up their look ahead of summer. To create maximum shine, choose a platinum blonde shade.

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