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Stunning Colors That Suit Blonde Hair

Blonde in straight or curly hair is a delight to see. Whether natural or dyed, it illuminates a face and creates a bright aura. And when paired with the perfect dress color, it can elevate your fashion, style, and confidence.

Here are the easy-pick colors you can grab to suit your blonde hair.

Fiery Red

Red shades like alizarin and cardinal accentuate the blonde hair. Scarlet and pomegranate reds can refresh your look. While red is generally a versatile color to boost your appearance, steer away from purplish claret and burgundy, as they will not flatter you in the best way.

Pure White

The pure white shade, ivory tone, or champagne tone will no doubt complement your blonde hair.

Enchanting Black

It’s difficult not to include the color black on this list. This classic color that seems to fit anyone can create any style that fits your daily life or special occasion appearance. 

Earthy Brown and Mustard Tones

Despite these colors not being bright, expect a revitalizing take on your outfit. Using a brown or mustard tone (or both) is an effective partner to emphasize your blonde hair.

Experimental Blue and Pink

Be bold by picking a shade of pink and of blue. Matching crimson, fuchsia or soft pink with denim can help you create the sweetest blonde in pink and blue wedding fashion.

Balancing Grey

Anticipate a sweet feminine impression when you wear a pure grey or light grey color.

Soft Pastels

Blondes go well with pastels, like pale pink, soft green, and yellow. Imagine how a blue bridesmaid dress can give you that delicate and gentle look. You might want to take a backseat from shades like sage green, mossy green, and dark olive.

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Luxurious Jewel Tones

Clothes with jewel-tone shades, like turquoise blue, emerald green, purple, and cornflower, look reviving. They can make you elegant and sophisticated, especially for an evening event.

But, newsflash!

Not all blonde hairs are equal because they come in different shades.

You can use any of those colors mentioned if you are on the run. But read further to get more ideas about colors that will match and highlight better your natural or dyed blonde hair shade.

Ash Blonde

To identify the colors that suit this shade of blonde, inspect your hair pigment.

A gown with a color from the summer palette, such as pastel pink, light blue, and all shades of lilac and grey, best suits hair with greyish or silver pigment.

An autumn palette is your best friend if your hair pigment leans towards golden. A dress with an earthy, khaki, ochre, or orange tone will flatter you the most.

Strawberry Blonde

The strawberry blonde’s soft and subtle copper tone makes it a gorgeous blonde hair shade.

Like the ash blonde with golden pigment, strawberry blonde hair with pink highlights goes well with an outfit from the autumn palette. Warm colors, such as beige, camel, salmon or turquoise, or a mixture of them, will create a harmonious synergy to your assets.

If you also have freckled skin, you can tap on the colors from the spring palette, such as coral, honey, apricot, or greenish-yellow.

Honey Blonde

Because of the brown highlights, this blonde hair shade perfectly pairs with grass green, acid apple, off-white and warm pink. Go for the most vivid and rich colors from the spring palette.

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Photo By @frendsnorge/Instagram

Golden Blonde

Choose natural shades, such as earth tone, orange, green or turquoise, to flatter you and your golden blonde. Fruity tones like apple green, banana yellow, or peach will also make you look more energetic.

Platinum Blonde

This almost white blonde hair shade offers you endless possibilities with cool colors. Imagine all the dresses with colors from the winter palette that you can mix and match however you want to, like Klein blue, fuchsia, or black.

This versatile blonde hair shade also allows you to wear dresses in bubble-gum pink, sky-blue, pinkish brown, and pinkish grey from the summer palette.


Blonde-haired women need not worry when choosing dress colors. A wide array of colors is present for her. Different shades of red, brown, mustard, pink, blue, grey, black, and white are some of the best colors that suit blondes. And not to mention, there are a few pastel and jewel tones that also enhance blonde-haired ladies.

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