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Street Style Trends: Bright Blue Is On The Horizon of The Fashion World

There are two types of people in the fashion world: those who love color and those who don’t. Others want to contrast their tones with flair, and they prefer to match their tones to perfection. Whatever sartorial group you fall into, there’s one hue that seems to cross over: blue. It’s a color that’s found in almost every wardrobe, whether it’s in the shape of a brilliant blue dress or simply in the form of vintage-wash denim. At the very least, it’s on its way.

Light blue is a fashionable hue that is flying under the radar this year. The term “light blue” is rather ambiguous since anything from baby blue to dove blue and cornflower blue is popular. Blue is a really easy color to deal with because it is very wearable!

Street Style Trends-Bright Blue Color Trends 2
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Photo By @blaireadiebee/Instagram

It’s critical to consider the type of light blue you’re working with while working with the blue. If it’s a dove color, pair it with neutrals, pastels, and other dove colors like blush, mauve, and olive green. Cornflower blue is more vivid but still pale, making it fascinating when combined with bright orange, red, pink, or yellow. Overall, I believe cornflower is a pretty appealing hue, but rather vintage and maybe the most challenging blue color to style.

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