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Sexy Pastel Makeup Looks: The Bright Makeup Trend That Will Turn You Into a Femme Fatale

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When it comes to sexy makeup, many think of natural glam, warm brown makeup looks or the classic smokey eye. With the rise of color in the beauty community, sexy makeup looks are no longer limited to the above-mentioned categories. Pastel tones are insanely popular RN, not only for their undeniable beauty but for its vast versatility as well. These subtle tones can be used to achieve both soft and dramatic makeup looks that fall into the seductive category. Scroll down to discover sexy pastel makeup looks and tips on how to turn these bright colors into an attractive look.

Lavender is one of the prettiest pastel shades you could use. This universally flattering tone looks stunning when applied all over the lids. Enrich the look with thin feline flicks to add a sexy touch, yet keep the accent on the pastel eyeshadow.

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