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Samantha Steffen Shares Details from her “Bachelor” Seasons and Her Passion for Charity Work

You also have your own clothing line, IDGAF, which contributes a percentage of the profits to charities, including one which is anti-bullying.
When and why did you start this line? Did you recently include anti-bullying charities or was this something chosen long before the show?

[The charities were chosen] before the show which is why it’s so ironic. I always felt for people that have been bullied at one time or another. It’s so funny because now I’m really like…wow this is bad!

I came out [to LA] five years ago. After a few years, I had an itch to start my own company. It runs in our blood to become entrepreneurs. I owned this trademark. I had some logos [released] and people seemed to like it. I can turn a negative into a positive [with] this line. I’m [planning] on adding more hats to the line soon.


How would you describe your sense of style?

I.≤d say classic but also a little trendy. I really like simple colors: black, white, grey.


What is your go-to day and evening makeup look?

I don’t really wear that much makeup during the day. But when I do, the most important thing is lip gloss and mascara. That’s it. At night, I’m a huge fan of lipstick. I have a lot of fun with different colors.


What are a few things people don’t know about you? What are you most passionate about?

The biggest thing is my family and charity stuff. That’s a big passion of mine. But I’m a huge family girl. I’m really close with my family. I care about people more than myself. With this edit, it’s been a little shocking, but it’s OK. It’s been a fun situation. Now the bullying has stopped.


Would you participate if you were invited again?

As long as it contributed positively to my life, then never say never.


Can you guarantee that?

(Laughs) Probably not.



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