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Red Carpet Secrets You Can Use in Your Daily Life

The Oscars are almost here! For red carpet junkies it’s our version of the Super Bowl! In order to maintain their “red carpet glam”, celebrities always have a few new tricks up their sleeves. Here are some of the latest and greatest red carpet secrets that help your Hollywood faves look great, that everyone can use!

Stop the sweat

We all know that stress can bring about additional sweat and odor. Unfortunately, that even happens on the red carpet where lights, cameras, and the pressure to look great may do the opposite. Nobody wants to have sweat ruin their appearance! Now, thanks to the mira Dry treatment, you can permanently reduce sweat and odor and even hair with a one- hour treatment! It will keep you and your clothes looking and smelling great!

Flush the toxins

We all know the calorie count goes down during award season. Even with my healthy plant-based diet, I know award season is the perfect time to do a cleanse! My favorite is a juice cleanse, but pick what makes your body feel best. In the process you will feel lighter and feel more energized!

Get glowing skin

A favorite that Drew Barrymore once said she uses “for barnacle removal”, is loved by many celebs. The “Clear and Brilliant” treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles and lessens the appearance of uneven skin, in under an hour. This is why it’s gained a big following with celebrities and anyone wanting glowing skin!

Coconut oil for hair rescue

One of the best deep conditioners for hair is coconut oil! Simple allow it to warm up to where it’s in its liquid form and place a small amount on your scalp and end of your hair. Keep on your hair for at least 30 minutes, and shampoo and condition as usual. It will help with breakage, but will also give hair that red-carpet shine!

Show some leg

Many red carpet gowns can have a high slit that shows a lot of leg! Long known as a celebrity secret for tightening facial skin, Thermage can also help to tighten that skin right above your knees! It’s great for gowns but also summer shorts!

These tips are great for the red carpet, special events, or just for making you feel more confident. Sweat and bad hair days can really put a damper on even the lightest of days. Now, you can feel your best no matter if you’re running to the grocery store or walking down the red carpet.

Michelle Harris is the host of the national lifestyle television series, Alive & Well and one of the top experts in health and beauty. Visit for more information!
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