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Platinum Blonde Haircare That Will Keep Your Color Longer

Going platinum or various shades of icy blonde is trendy and can make you feel truly amazing about yourself. Celebrities are doing it all the time and even if you aren’t a celebrity yet, you can have your own wondrous story of a platinum transformation.

And before you start worrying about how much damage it can do to your hair, you should know that, if done right, this treatment isn’t all that bad. It will deal some damage, there is no doubt about it. However, any type of hair coloring does it, even if you use 100% natural henna. Changing the color of your locks means breaking down parts of them, so some harm is unavoidable.

But a good colourist will be able to limit this damage by using specialized top-quality products. That’s why you usually start a bleaching treatment with an Olaplex prep that offers protection followed by one of the shades in the No Yellow Colors icy blonde collection. Your stylist will round it up with some very good conditioning to nourish your locks and seal the cuticles. If they are good at what they do, the damage shouldn’t be much higher than what you get after any “easy” coloring treatment.

There will, however, be a major difference, which you will fully experience after the next washing. The issue is that your platinum blonde hair will be extremely dry. This means that now it will require at least three times more hydration than you are used to. Think ahead so you can stock up on deep conditioning products and hair oils. You’ll be using them regularly if you want your new hairstyle to look amazing instead of making you resemble a fluffy dandelion.

Another issue is the fact that platinum and other shades of icy blonde don’t last for long. But you shouldn’t get new treatments for six to eight weeks. Therefore, you need to learn how to keep your colour for as long as possible.

Embrace the Sunscreen

Sun is the number one enemy of your platinum locks, so a sunscreen hairspray will be an absolute must for you now. Also, don’t forget that dangerous UV radiation doesn’t disappear when you pull out your jumpers and jackets. It’s still out there every time you walk outside.

This means you need to use a sunscreen hairspray not only in the summer, but all year round. Moreover, when possible, you should wear hats or headscarves as well. SPF only offers so much protection, so a physical barrier between your locks and the power that will turn them yellow faster is the best protection.

If possible, limit your time spent outdoors in the hours around noon, especially in the summer. And if you go to a beach with platinum gold locks, you must wear a wide-brimmed hat. Saltwater and sunlight working together can melt your icy blonde tone extremely fast.

Purple Up (But Not Too Much)

Purple shampoo is the product most people recommend to keep platinum blonde hair in its cold platinum range. It’s a must-have product for you, but don’t put too much faith in it. The pigment in these products counters the yellow pigment in bleached hair. This is how you get to maintain the ‘not yellow’ shade of blonde longer.

In essence, purple haircare products tone your hair slightly to keep the color vibrant. This means you can’t use them too often. Usually, you should limit it to once a week or every two weeks. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Also, these products can provide unpredictable results. That’s because the color you’ll get will depend on your hair texture and current colour. Therefore, your purpled platinum can be different from the one you had originally. And it might not be the best of changes.

That’s why you should treat purple shampoos and other similar products with extreme caution. Try them out to see whether they work with your hair. Try different brands as well as different shades. For some people, pink or blue products might be a better choice.

But bear in mind that no kind of no-yellow treatment will work indefinitely. To maintain platinum blonde hair, you’ll need to bleach the roots and then color the entire length of your hair every six to eight weeks. The better the quality of products that you use for the second phase, the longer you’ll retain the icy colour.


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