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Pintura Curls – The Highlighting Technique That Will Give Your Curls a Spring Update

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As the weather takes a warmer turn and flourishes the nature around us, why not embrace the seasonal change with a splash of color? If you thought of pastel makeup looks, you wouldn’t be wrong, but we’re talking about a more permanent change. Bold hair colors have been rising through the spring trends for quite some time, and some ladies prefer to embrace them with more low-maintenance highlighting techniques. Thus, Pintura curls became a big hit! The technique won’t damage your hair in the slightest but refresh your ends with a colorful definition. For the adventurous ladies who want to step out of their comfort zone, we gathered some wonderful ideas for Pintura curls that will take your breath away. Scroll down to choose your next dye job!

pintura curls - the highlighting technique that will give your curls a spring update
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Photo By @un.rooted/Instagram

The darker the base -the brighter the ends. At least that’s our definition of fun Pintura curls! This contrasted dye job will get you noticed on any occasion. Make your highlights chunkier around your face to brighten your appearance.

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