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Pamela Anderson, Gladys Knight and Shannon Elizabeth – the female faces of gambling

By the early 1900s, casinos were starting to gain traction around the nation, and by the 1950s, casinos and places like Las Vegas really took off. Actors, singers, producers and other celebrities swarmed to Vegas to try their hand at gambling. The long list of celebrities who enjoy an occasional night at a casino includes several famous women who influenced casinos and runway styles.

The glamour of gambling

Since the earliest casinos made their debut, they’ve implemented dress codes. Of course, over the years, these dress codes have evolved, and now we’re seeing one of the most relaxed dress codes in decades. Interestingly enough, casino dress codes and runway fashion have had a give-and-take relationship for many years, often feeding off each other.

Even now, with the rise of online casinos and online gambling, there’s a need to look sharp while you’re playing games such as poker and blackjack. Whether you’re at home or in a hotel room, you can experience the glamour of gambling in a casino via a live online casino. You can visit the best live online casinos while wearing your favorite outfits, and feel like you’re at the hottest Vegas casino from the comfort of your home.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson has been an icon since the early 1990s and earned her stardom from her role in Baywatch. As a beloved actress and model, Anderson earned a spot as an A-lister whenever she visited casinos. Always dressed to the nines, Anderson could easily be spotted when she visited her favorite places to gamble and play poker.

Though she didn’t play as often as other celebrities, she gained the attention of the poker world when she lost $250,000 in a single poker game. However, the loss didn’t slow her down, because she lost to a fantastic poker player, Rick Salomon, who soon after became her husband.

She supported Salomon at his poker tournaments, and watched as he would at times walk away from a tournament with over a million dollars in winnings. While she never won as much as a player herself, she was sure to support her then-husband as he won $40m in a single year playing high-stakes poker games.

Gladys Knight

The Atlanta-born soul singer Gladys Knight was once a prominent female face of gambling. Favoring blackjack and baccarat, there was a time in her life when she spent many nights at exclusive tables to get away from the press and fans in search of autographs.

After playing a particular show at a casino, Knight wandered around and landed at the dollar blackjack table, where she discovered her love for gambling. Over many years, Knight would show up at casinos with her flawless natural beauty and bet large amounts of money on blackjack and baccarat games. Though she no longer gambles, she’ll always be remembered as a female gambling icon.

Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth has an incredible resume in both her acting career and her time as a professional poker player. During her success as an actress in major roles, including in the film American Pie, she had the opportunity to meet many influential people and make connections with huge names in poker, such as Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari.

As a Texas native, Elizabeth spent time when she was growing up playing poker with her family, and later had the opportunity to learn from some of the best poker players and sharpen her craft. She appeared on Celebrity Poker Showdown and landed a third-place finish at the NBC National Heads-Up Championship in 2007, which earned her $125,000 in winnings.

A woman’s touch

History has proved, time and time again, that strong females can pursue their daytime careers and still have a successful time gambling. These women juggled a career in acting, singing or modeling, while becoming extraordinary gamblers that men and women alike looked up to.

The rise in technology and increased interest in online casinos has made it even more feasible for women from all backgrounds to pursue their day jobs while enjoying the thrills and winnings of a poker or blackjack career. At this point, mothers who work 40 hours a week can maintain their job, take care of their children and enjoy live poker or blackjack games in the evening – as long as they have an internet connection. It seems that women have always had – and always will have – a major influence on the world of gambling, leaving endless opportunities for future growth in their wake

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