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Not Ready for a Big Chop? Hop on These Long Hairstyle Trends Instead

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Short hair has been trending ever since the pandemic started as a low-maintenance alternative during the days we were locked at home. As regulations are getting looser, many women are deciding to let their strands grow. Namely, long hairstyle trends are on the rise in the most beautiful forms. If you want to opt for long hair this season, we’ve got a bunch of cute hairstyles that will easily flatter you. Flip through our list and choose your next look!

Boho Braids

not ready for a big chop hop on this long hairstyle trends instead
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Photo By @samirasjewelry/Instagram

Spice up your look for spring with cute boho braids. It’s our favorite romantic long hairstyle that will instantly add charm to your look. You can keep your long strands in check and look polished at the same time.

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