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Need More Sleep? Tuck into These Foods for a Good Night’s Rest

Women are often preoccupied with their spouses, children and careers. This can lead to restless sleep at night. If you have trouble sleeping, insomnia may be avoided by changing your diet. By opting for foods that increase serotonin in your brain, you can get a better night’s rest.


Foods that have a high salt and fat content can cause you to have insomnia. Rather, choose complex carbohydrates such as quinoa and foods rich in melatonin such as cherries and grapes. Flaxseeds help to relax muscles because of their high levels of tryptophan. Bananas contain muscle relaxants and tryptophan too. So try a tasty almond milk smoothie before going to bed!


Chamomile tea has long been known to help insomnia. This is because it contains glycine that relaxes nerves and muscles. So drinking a cup of chamomile tea before going to bed will help to calm your nerves and allow you to relax before falling asleep.


Remember not to eat empty carbohydrates such as pizza and biscuits. Instead, choose complex carbohydrates such as brown rice. Kale is also a sleep remedy as it will provide you with a healthy dose of calcium. Calcium will turn your amino acids into melatonin that will help you relax.


By changing your diet before going to bed, you can count on a more restful night’s sleep!

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