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Natural No Heat Hair Styles: Say Goodbye to Braids

Let’s be honest: as much as we love heat styling, it’s terrible for our hair. Despite the protective products and chemicals we use to protect it, heat takes a toll on hair and it’s foolish to neglect that fact at the expense of your long, gorgeous locks. While heat styling is great for rare special occasion, it’s great to have a go-to style that doesn’t involve it that you can rock on a day-to-day basis; and no, it doesn’t involve braiding before bed.

Natural is Beautiful

Before we continue, let us say one thing: natural is the most beautiful. We recognize there are times you’ll want to look cosmetically polished with stick straight hair or perfectly calculated curls, and you are beautiful in those times, too; however, fussing over your hair in this way on a day to day basis is not only foolish from a hair health standpoint – it’s simply not necessary.

The fact of the matter is that nothing is more beautiful than a woman who takes care of her hair, and then flaunts it’s natural tendencies. If you’re interested in becoming a natural woman in this way, consider one of these heat-free styling methods to make the most of your already beautiful situation.

Large Rollers Give Natural Wave a Boost

If your hair is naturally wavy, and if you struggle with frizz and lack of shape or volume when it dries out on its own, consider using large rollers. Simply allow your hair to air-dry about halfway, and spend 15 or 20 minutes rolling big pieces of your hair and securing them with a clip. The result will be natural waves and frizz-free curls that look great and flow well without heat ever hitting them.

Beachy Waves Have Never Been Easier

The carefree beachy waves that everyone loves to sport in the summer are not as complicated to fabricate as one would think. All you need to do is allow your hair to dry about halfway, and then part your hair into two sections right down the middle. Start on one side, and twist tight from the root all the way to the end of your hair.

Using a bobby pin, pin the end of your twisted hair to the crown of your head. Move to the other side, and do the same thing, ensuring that you’re twisting in the same direction. Let your hair dry naturally overnight, and in the morning unpin. With a quick shake of your head, you’ll notice you have beautiful beachy locks!

You’ll find that your natural hair, with a little bit of guidance and structure, is simply much more beautiful and healthy than hair that endures high heat on a daily basis!



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