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5 Myths About Dyeing your Hair

Sometimes inexperience can cause massive problems, especially if you do not have a guide or a beauty guru to help you when you’re about to dye your hair. If you go online, there are tons of myths that arise and leave you confused, so it’s time to figure out the truth from the fiction.

Dyeing causes hair loss

This is false. There is no direct link between dyeing and hair loss. What can happen is a weakening of the hair fiber. The frequent use of dyes, especially those involving discoloration, can alter the physio-chemical properties of your hair and make it weaker and brittle so it breaks more easily. This break can cause some loss of volume but it doesn’t cause any hair loss right from the root. To fix this, you can go for natural non-toxic hair dyes such as Original & Mineral or Natulique Organic Colours; these should cause no damage to the hair.

All dyes are the same

This is false. Not all dyes are the same; currently there are several different types:

  • Temporary: Temporary dyes give color through the pigmented molecules that stain the outside of the hair.
  • Semi-permanent: These dyes penetrate the surface area of the hair and alter its structure but in a milder way. It does not contain peroxide and ammonia.
  • Permanent: Permanent dyes penetrate the inside of the hair fiber and remove the natural pigment from the hair, which makes the color fixed permanently. This does contain ammonia or a similar product.

Dyeing should be avoided during pregnancy

This is also false. Sure, manufacturers warn about the use of dyes when a person is pregnant or breastfeeding. But if you follow the proper instructions and exposure times, the actual risk is very minimal. Given that the surface of application is small and the penetration of the components through the skin is very low, under normal conditions, it’s not possible to pose any real danger to the fetus.

Hairstyle and color are totally independent from each other

This is also false. When it comes to hair, shape and color are intimately related. A long and layered mane can play with highlights and degraded effects, while with short hair – in a bob for instance- choosing a more sober color can give you more volume. The recommendation is to cut your hair first and then, depending on this, pick the right color so that everything fits perfectly.

Products cannot help color last longer

Are you getting that all or these are false? This is false, too. There are specific products for dyed hair that are created to give it the proper nutrients and conditioning that it needs to preserve its health against the coloration effects. In healthy hair, without split ends, it is more difficult for colored particles to escape. Our advice is to use specific shampoos and conditioners to maintain the color when washing your hair.


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