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Must have hair extension tools for all hairdressers

As any hairdresser will know, having the right tools to hand can be a life saver. During the fiddly processes of applying, removing, and refitting hair extensions, helpful tools can assist in making applications easier and the outcome even better! Invest in necessary tools for your hair salon and make your job easier in this way. Keep reading to find out what some essential hair extension tools are and why they’re so important in the following guide. 

Attachment Rings

If you’re using either micro or nano rings to apply your client’s hair extensions, attachment rings are simply a must. These tools can be quite tricky to use, as it’s actually difficult to choose the right colour for your customer. The process is hard because every hair extension set is unique, so this aspect complicates selecting the attachment rings. 

For instance, if your clients have naturally dark hair and want blonde extensions, even though you’re applying blonde extensions, you can’t use a blonde attachment ring for those clients. This is because the ring would most likely stand out, given your client’s roots are dark. In order to avoid such a contrast and make the extensions look obvious, you should go for a light brown attachment. 

Pulling Needles

Pulling needles are crucial for nano and micro ring applications, as well. These tools help you thread the rings onto the hair easily. They’re definitely vital for the hair extension application process. It’s practical to use two or three pulling needles for each application instead of just one. This will make the hair extension application process run much faster since you won’t need to stop and refill the pulling needle as often.

Sectioning Clips

Hair extension applications will be much more efficient  and faster if you decide to use the right sectioning clips. As a hairdresser, you know that when you fit your client’s hair extensions, parts of their hair have to go on top of their head. By securing those portions of hair, you can do one row after another.


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If the customer’s hair that you’ve just secured falls down over and over again and if you always need plenty of clips, both you and your client will get frustrated. This can only slow down the process, which doesn’t look professional to the customer and costs you more in the end. Using sectioning clips will solve the problem, as they were made to hold larger hair portions in place. 

Scalp Protectors

Heat protectors are never a bad idea for a beauty or hair salon. Not only do they help the scalp avoid any heat damage, but they also simplify the process of applying hair extensions. Scalp protectors help to separate hair strands, which means that you can handle the tips with minimum effort. It’s guaranteed that your clients will always feel so much safer having them on because it implies that their hair won’t get burned. These tools are typically cheap and quite simple to use. What’s more, you can make use of them for strand-by-strand hair extensions. 

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