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Makeup & Outfit: How to create the perfect look for a casino night out!

Gambling is becoming increasingly popular, especially since online casinos are on the rise. Whether you prefer poker, roulette or the most popular casino slots, gambling has a special appeal for many people as lotteries and sports betting are very popular in this country as well.

Gambling for money has always had a high attraction for people. The numerous online casinos allow customers to play even when they are on the move or at home. While you can sit in front of the computer in your sweatpants when gambling online, you have to take good care of your appearance in the real casino. An elegant outfit, a neat hairstyle and glamorous makeup are virtually obligatory.

The history of the dress code in casinos

To understand why there is a dress code in casinos in the first place, you have to look at the history of these special etablissements. If you travel back in time about 250 years, it wasn’t Las Vegas or Monte Carlo that were the strongholds of gambling, but Germany. Here, it was mainly the casino in Baden-Baden that was frequented by high society.

Baden-Baden became so famous at that time because numerous spa guests from the European high nobility, artists and wealthy entrepreneurs sought their luck gambling there. Some people liked gambling so much that they would even move house and yard, as in other countries gambling was absolutely forbidden. Of course, not only the rich used to gamble for money, but the common people as well, mainly in the back rooms of inns.

The wealthy spa guests could be recognized at that time by their fancy clothes. Gambling was legal until 1872, only then were casinos banned in Germany, so the action shifted to Monte Carlo. In 1933, gambling also returned to Germany.

Even today, it is predominantly the rich and famous who can be found in the casinos. Of course, nowadays everyone has access to the casino, as long as he pays attention to appropriate clothing and has enough dough to actually play.

Dress code for ladies: With black you always hit the mark

As a rule, there is a special dress code in the casinos, which must also be observed. Since this can vary from casino to casino, you should always do your research in advance. Most of the time, you can find corresponding information on the casino’s website. Under certain circumstances, however, only the gentlemen of creation are considered and women are unsure what they can actually wear.

Basically, you can say that women should wear an elegant dress with tights and classic high heels. The classic par excellence is of course the little black dress, with which you can actually never do anything wrong. However, the dress should not be too short because the outfit should not look cheap. Of course, a long evening gown also works, if you feel comfortable in it.

It basically only depends on the fact that it is chic and tasteful clothing. If the choice falls on a long evening dress, then this may be quietly cut out in front and behind. However, it is important to ensure that it is not too revealing. If the dress is plain and monochromatic, the accessories may be more striking.

As an alternative to the dress, you can also choose a neat skirt and a pretty blouse. If you are not the too feminine type, then it may of course also be a pantsuit, or you combine elegant fabric pants with a blouse.

Feel like you’re in a James Bond movie for once

However, a successful styling for the casino includes not only the outfit and a suitable hairstyle. The best makeup tips may help to find the most glamorous look. While some people may quietly rely on fancy makeup that attracts the eye, it is obviously up to each person whether they like to be the center of attention or prefer to stay in the background. In any case, the ladies should not neglect their makeup.

When you think of a casino, James Bond may come to mind. There are many ways to have a Casino Royale experience, a casino visit is one of them. Stand at the roulette table in an elegant robe and hope for the right spin with a glass of champagne or whiskey in hand. The makeup should harmonize perfectly with the look and skillfully emphasize the clothes and hairstyle which will certainly underline your seriousity.

A glamorous makeup is appreciated at the casino

Before applying makeup, the skin must be thoroughly prepared. First of all, dead skin flakes are removed with the help of a peeling. This makes the skin even and gives it a natural, rosy glow. Then a non-greasy face cream is applied for care. The lips also need to be prepared and provided with plenty of moisture. For this, it is best to use a lip balm, which makes the lips nice and supple.

The next step is to apply a foundation to make the complexion appear even. It is important that this is perfectly matched to the skin tone so that it does not appear unnatural and mask-like. The foundation is best applied with a sponge and from the inside out. A clean sponge helps to slightly blur the contours at the edge. To fix the foundation, transparent powder is applied.

Start at the forehead and work down to the chin. After that, turn your attention to the eyes, first shaping the eyebrows with a comb and emphasize them with an eyebrow pencil, fix them with some gel or hairspray. The eye shadow looks particularly elegant if you use a lighter tone in the inner corner and a darker shade on the outside. The eyes are then given even more expression with an eyeliner and a black mascara.

The lips are first outlined with a contour pencil in the color of the lipstick. This color should match the complexion, hair color and, of course, the makeup. Finally, some highlighter on the cheeks, which adds a touch of glamor and makes the look complete.

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