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Long Haircuts Ideas To Upgrade Your Look

Long haircuts are timeless and common for people who do not prefer short hair. Having naturally long hair is a good thing because it gives you many options when it comes to styling. You can chop it off a little to develop a new style or use certain products to change its volume. The option is versatile, and the decision is always yours to make based on your personality.

The options are endless, and there are so many choices to discover when it comes to styling your long hair. You only need to be creative enough and have the right tools for different types of styling. Plan the style you want to try in advance for the best results. Below are long haircuts ideas that can upgrade your look.

1. Textured Top Layers

This idea features some textured layers on the area near the top of the head and towards the front. The curls are well textured, which helps to frame your face naturally and also keeps more hair weight on the required sections.

The hairstylist should be able to shape your long hair into a horseshoe shape in order to be able to come up with this style.

 The hair should then be directed to the direction of the hairline bit on one side of the head at a certain angle to eliminate blunt lines when styling.  The angle also helps create a natural flow of the hair by forming a movement in the curls.

It is important to cover up your hair when you sleep to maintain it in good shape. This is critical for almost all long haircuts unless you visit your hairstylist every day.

The hairstyle does not take much of your time when you are getting ready to leave the house. You only need to set the hair free and run your fingers back and forth in the desired direction for the purposes of root lift.

2. Curtain Curls

This is the perfect style for people with medium to curly hair. It is important to avoid interfering with the natural condition of your curls if you want them to look soft and natural at the end of the styling process.

A professional hairdresser should know how to deal with your curls, but you can always carry an image to the salon for a more defined demonstration of what you are looking for.

You should not do any kind of cut on wet hair, and this is especially important for curly hair. Cutting curly hair when wet may interfere with the long length of your hair since curly hair shrinks when wet.

3. Elongated Waves

This style is all about ensuring that the ends of your long hair do not look blunt. The final results from this style should feature a soft point cut to maintain the subtleness of the style.

The wave, which is the signature feature of this idea of long haircuts, should not meet a blunt end at all costs. You should also be careful not to take out too much weight from the ends since you do not want them to look too weak.

4. Blunt Ends

Long hair is such versatile in styling options that the condition of the ends can bring about a unique style. Blunt ends are preferably the best option for people with straight hair.

The unique feature of this idea is the blunt ends. The hair should also be left consistent all the way down to make the style more appealing.

5. Tapered Ends

This is the perfect option if your hair has extra volume and you want to slightly reduce the weight. The layers in this style should be horizontal, starting from the collarbone at the back of the head.

The hair in the front should remain long and preferably untouched. The thought inspires this idea that you do not need to get a wide wedge shape as a result of tucking your hair behind your ears.

6. Low Layers

The best option is if your hair is very thick. Long haircuts look cute when they are a continuation of natural hair.  In this idea, the ends are let blunt and scattered from shoulder length all the way down.


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