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Life Changing Hair

Recently, I convinced my friend to refrain from cutting her amazing hair, and to let it grow. Her hair is gorgeous, full and long, with a naturally wavy texture that is bouncy and just everything I wish my hair to be. When this girlfriend told me that while jogging up the Santa Monica stairs one morning, a woman stopped her by shrieking, “Oh my god! I love your hair, you have amazing hair! If I had your hair, my life would be so different.” When my friend told me this story, we both laughed about it. It got me thinking how something as simple as our hair can change our path in life. Is it true? Maybe that’s a little dramatic, but is it a coincidence how much our hair can seem to impact our day? A bad hair day, isn’t just a figure of speech, there have been studies done that show a link between how you feel about your hair and your confidence level. So how much of your self confidence really depends on what your hair wants to do in the morning?

As the owner of a hair extensions company ( I tend to hear it all when it comes to hair. I frequently hear many women complaining about being “bored” with their hair. Even I am guilty of it at times, changing up my look from bangs, to no bangs, highlights to natural color. But why do we get bored with our hair, when our hair tends to be one of our most powerful displays of beauty and health? Why are we always damaging it, chopping it, frying it off? Like the stranger mentioned to my friend, if she had someone else’s hair, her life would be so different. What can we do to have that “life changing hair” that we are all lusting after? There are several things that you can do to ensure better hair days, healthier hair, and longer hair in the future. Go Back to Natural Stop all of the coloring and bleaching. Dyeing your hair really damages the health of your hair. It can cause split ends, breakage, frizz, dryness, and a rough texture. If you can keep from dyeing it, that should be number one. Even though it might take some getting used to, you will be amazed at how your natural hair color might actually suit you better than you remember.

Tip: Take advantage of the Ombre Trend and feel free to grow it out for a while and rock a natural Ombre look.

Stop the Chop

Continually cutting your hair will not make it grow faster, letting it grow will help it grow longer. You can actually go longer than you think without getting a haircut. Long hair can even be easier to care for and healthier looking than a short hairstyle.


Care Less

Are you are guilty of washing, blow drying, straightening/curling, heat styling your hair every day? Care for your hair less by cutting out a step, or two, and give your poor hair a break from all the styling you do! It’s exhausting! Learn to let your hair air dry at night, then style it in the morning, or use ponytails and buns to also give your hair a rest from the heat. Skipping washes can also save your hair from extra days of all that heat styling.

Fake it

Faking life changing hair is a lot easier than you think, and is a necessity for those that can’t grow their hair long. There are so many ways to safely enhance your hair without spending thousands of dollars and are easy to do on your own. You can simply fake a great bun with hair donuts/sock buns, clip in high quality hair extensions for length and volume, or even clip on hair to enhance ponytails and braids. The temporary hair enhancing solutions are on trend right now andare a great way to help you turn a bad hair day into a great hair day.

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