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Kitchen Renovation Ideas You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

If you’re looking to spruce up your home, your kitchen could be a good place to start. It’s arguably the focal point of the home; it’s where you socialise with friends and create warm, loving meals for your family, so why shouldn’t it receive some extra love? Read on for our favourite interior décor trends that you don’t want to miss on and get started on your kitchen renovation today.

Experiment with different textures

How you utilise textures in your kitchen is very important for its overall aesthetic. They will either tie it all together and create one cohesive look or lead to a disconnect which will throw off the balance of your home. A kitchen renovation is a fun, creative time for you to experiment with different materials, from flooring and to paint, worktops and cabinets. A popular trend many people are looking at as we head into 2023 is incorporating the natural with the manufactured. Combining textures such as exposed brick with wood or timber can create a more interesting finish without appearing too overwhelming. It helps to open up the space and bring the outside in more organically.

Try a two tone kitchen

One of the best kitchen renovation ideas is two-toned kitchen colours. It’s time to say goodbye to monochrome and add a pop of colour to your kitchen instead! To pull this off, it’s important to find the best colour compositions that work and are complementary. Try pairing a lighter colour like cream or white with a warm hue like sage green or navy blue. The lighter colour will open up the space, making it appear bigger, while the darker colour will create more visual appeal. We recommend using the darker colour on your cabinets to enhance the flat walls and add more dimension. This can then be emphasised by incorporating utensils and accessories in a metal that’s complementary, like gold or brass.

Consider different tiling options

You can also play around with different tiling styles. You could use them as a splashback around the entire countertop or just install them behind your stove to create a striking focal point. Rather than using one block of colour, find two colours that complement each other and create a cool pattern. You could even try different shades of the same colour for a striking gradient. What’s more, tiles come in a wide range of shapes now, including fish scale and diamond, so there are plenty of options to choose from at Just Tiles.

Get creative with the layout

If you want to try something completely different when renovating your kitchen, consider changing the look completely by experimenting with some of the most effective kitchen layouts. This can be as simple as moving some appliances around or as extreme as completely stripping your kitchen to the bare basics before starting over. If you do this, why not play around with where things are positioned? You could add taller cabinets to make more use of the vertical space or add an island to a bigger room to not only break the space up but also add extra seating and storage. An island can even sport your hob, which will leave more space on your other countertops for accessories and food prep.

Introduce smart storage solutions

The kitchen is a busy space, so it’s likely that you have a lot of appliances, utensils, pots and dishes lying around, making your home feel cluttered. That’s why smart storage solutions are loved by many! They’re a great way to keep everything you need in your kitchen without compromising the overall look. Things such as multiple-tier pull-out drawers are great to have in cabinets as they allow you to fit more in, as well as options such as drawer organisers, plastic bin dividers for fridges, expandable tier organisers and stackable storage baskets. All of these will help you to remain organised and keep your countertops free.

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