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ICEbOX is the Perfect Gift for the Makeup Lover in Your Life

Use code VIVAGLAMMAGAZINE today to get 15% off your ICEbOX order until January 1st!

Imagine that you have just seconds to find the right lipstick before you have to run out the door. Perhaps you are late and need to grab it and go. Usually, digging through your drawers would be a hard task, but thanks to ICEbOX, you can now quickly find your makeup. You see, ICEbOX organizers are custom made by hand with designer Lucite, providing an invisible look for your makeup storage. This gives you both the illusion that your products are floating on air and the simple ease of finding your products quickly.

ICEbOX is the most popular beauty organizer with celebrities. Celebrities from Beyonce to Kourtney Kardashian use ICEbOX. And it’s no wonder why. Not only are these storage cases practical, but ICEbOX organizers are absolutely perfect for any makeup lover.

This item provides much more space than the normal makeup organizer, and it’s much chicer, too. Plus, the quality is simply incredible.

ICEbOX comes in skinny and wide styles, and they offer the ability to monogram each organizer with Swarovski crystals. You can also find accessories such as palette stands and lippie boxes on their website, as well. We all have the wide style here at VIVA GLAM, as we definitely need the extra space. And we love the palette stand add on!

To own the makeup accessories of the celebs and get your own ICEbOX, use code VIVAGLAMMAGAZINE today to get 15% off your order until January 1st! What a great holiday gift! If you use our code after January 1st, you will still receive 10% off.

We love our ICEbOX products here at VIVA GLAM Magazine, and we hope you jump on the bandwagon, too.


Beauty Room Organization with the ICEbOX

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