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How to Take the BEST Festival Photos According to Christine Andrew

Everything You Need To Take The Most Beautiful Festival Photos

Are you one of the THOUSANDS of people attending a festival this season? If so, you’re probably excited to take photos to share with all of your friends. We know that not everyone has a photography background, but many of us want to get an incredible photo as a keepsake. So we recruited one of your favorite style bloggers to share her best photography tips for festival season. Here are Christine Andrew’s BEST tips for taking the best festival photos this season!

Showcase Your Personal Style

Festival fashion is all about showcasing your own, personal boho style. Use your clothing, hats, and other accessories as a prop to really fill out the screen and make your photos beautiful. The trick is, you don’t have to share the whole outfit! Detailed shots can be just as interesting (if not more so) than full body pics. This tip works best when you’re sharing pieces that have an interesting texture, cool pattern, or unique details. It helps create interest for the photo.

Show the scenery

Destination/travel images are all about making followers feel like they were there and experienced it with you, so more is more! Whenever I travel, my shots are shot from a wider angle and more zoomed out so followers can get the full picture of the destination. Coachella always has the most amazing art and sculptures with unique shapes and colors to pose in front of. Try different angles to make your photo unique and stand out from the others!

Use The Portrait Lens

If you have an iPhone, use the portrait mode on your camera. The portrait mode blurs the background, instantly making the photo look professional and stunning.

Take Lots of Shots

I’ve found that the candid photos like when someone is laughing or not directly looking at the camera tend to be the most beautiful and organic. So have your friend snap some photos or get your selfie stick out; the more photos you take, the more selection you have to choose from and post to Insta!

Good Lighting

Use the natural sun in the desert to your advantage. Natural light is always best (especially for beauty pics and selfies), so you can see the true colors of your makeup look. I try to limit filters on beauty shots because it alters the shade of your lipstick or the effect of your eyeshadow. If I do use a filter, my favorite editing apps are VSCO and Snapseed. I love VSCO for the filters and the overall process of making adjustments to my pictures. When it comes to color adjustment, I use Snapseed.Æyou can select specific areas to brighten or saturate, so I use that to brighten a dark background or to make certain colors pop. I’m also starting to create my own filters, which I’m excited to share with my readers soon!

You can follow Christine Andrew on Instagram, read her blog, Hello Fashion, and shop her latest collection at ILY Couture.


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