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How to Retouch Video Easily

The Internet offers a variety of retouching apps for the general public, but those who seek high quality of the imagery usually turn to high-end video retouch studios.

What is video retouching

When Daenerys sneaked a Starbucks coffee cup into Winterfell, HBO was quick enough to make sure the cup disappeared from the episode. That’s a perfect example of a video retouching process. 

Life happens, and sometimes unwanted objects or bad lighting get in a way of getting a perfect clip. Technology allows us to erase or blur things within a shot, change background, alter colors, or do video face retouching by adding some digital makeup.

Video retouching tools 

Retouching apps, like Facetune Video or YouCam, were developed for the general public, so anyone can edit their video selfies. App stores for Android and iOS offer a big range of similar tools, and some of them are pretty successful in retouching bodies. The Pretty Up app allows users to change their skin tone, proportions, height, and even adds a six pack. 

However, because of their accessibility, it is very easy to go overboard with these apps. Bodies might come out extremely unnatural, weirdly shaped, as people don’t take real measurements into account. Moreover, it is very easy to spot the adjustments when people move – waists on such videos shrink and expand, giving out the edit.

Professional video retouching software, like Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premiere Pro, provide much more subtle experience. Seamless changes can be done to any single object in the video, and sky is the limit for the functionality this software provides. Loads of tutorials are available on the web, but it might take some time, money, and effort for amateur editors to master all Adobe tools. 

For a faster and more precise result, there’s a whole cohort of digital artists that delivers competent retouching services. For instance, artists at Digital Beauty Work know all little tweaks and tricks of the complex software, so they’re able to produce a perfect video according to their clients’ requirements.


Yes, it is possible to retouch videos. But depending on how edited videos are used, there’re several ways to do so. Short videos for social media are not demanding to the quality and subtlety of adjustments, so it might be easier to use free retouching apps to cover up blemishes or whitening teeth. But videos for professional or commercial use usually require more work on lighting, color correction, exposure, and overall atmosphere of the shot. For extensive retouching it is better to consult with full-time digital artists offering retouching services.

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