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How to Emphasize a Beauty Mark to Feature What’s Uniquely You

How to Emphasize or Hide a Beauty Mark for Greater Impact

Like many people out there, Candace Kita has a beauty mark. She loves her mark, as it makes her unique. However, many people who hire her choose to have her mark covered up. As an actress in the industry, you always have to be flexible to the demands of each job. So, Candace is here to show you both how to hide a beauty mark, as well as how to emphasize it. That way, if you’re able, you can proudly feature what is uniquely you.

First, here’s how to cover it up:

  • Apply foundation onto the mark with a foundation brush.
  • Next, take a blending sponge and gently blend in the foundation.
  • Finally, take a matte powder and apply it on top of the foundation.

Now, here’s how you can emphasize it:

  • Take a liquid eye liner and lightly dab it onto the mark.
  • Allow the liner to set for 1-2 minutes.
  • Finally, take a matte powder and gently go over the beauty mark with it to set it.

And that’s how you emphasize or hide your beauty mark. Remember, don’t be afraid to emphasize what is uniquely you. After all, that is what makes you so special.

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