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How to Deal with Acne Scars

Acne can be both painful and unflattering. It’s something we all feel like hiding, wishing it would just go away. Sometimes the acne doesn’t disappear over time, though. Instead, it turns to scars, leaving behind a permanent reminder of its existence.

Does the scarring have to be permanent, though? I want to talk to you about acne scars and what you can do about them. For those who feel hopeless about their condition and the way the scars look, there is some important information I want to share.

What Causes the Scars in the First Place?

Not all acne becomes scars, so what makes some of the acne decide to stay on your face forever as an awful reminder?

Inflamed pimples can damage the skin, causing a reaction that makes the skin want to cover the damaged area with new skin. This creates scar tissue, and it can be very tough to get rid of that. Yes, the scars may start to fade over time, but there is no guarantee that they will fade to a point where you can hardly see them.

Acne scarring is more likely to occur if you pick at the pimple and pop it. The inflammation that causes can easily lead to scarring. So, the old advice about not popping pimples because that can leave a mark is very true.

Treating the Scars

Now, let’s talk about acne scar treatment. It’s not something most people want to discuss, but if you are going to look your fashionable best, you need to consider getting rid of acne scars. Our top tip is to have them treated as soon as possible. Treating sooner is better because you have a better chance of getting rid of them completely.

There are lots of ways that people attempt to treat acne scars. Not all of them will be successful, though, and you need to know about the best options.

Chemical Peel

A chemical peel is a popular choice, but there are some risks. You can damage your skin with harsh chemicals, and some people have allergic reactions to the chemicals that they use for a peel. In other words, this is not a method that is guaranteed to work for everyone.

Exfoliation Products

Clearing up your skin and getting rid of impurities and toxins is a great way to deal with acne scars as well. You can use exfoliating treatments that are gentle on the skin. These will tend to be much milder than chemical peels and will offer some similar results. Exfoliation may not get rid of the worst acne scars you have, but it should minimize them and make them harder to see.

Laser Treatment

Probably the most effective way to treat your acne scars is with a clinical process that uses lasers to stimulate new growth and healing. The lasers will “attack” the outer layer of skin, targeting the scar tissue. This causes the body’s healing process to leap into action, creating fresh, new skin that looks great and covers up the scar tissue.

Does that sound kind of painful? It’s mildly uncomfortable, and it can make your skin feel kind of raw and sensitive for a few days, but there is no lasting damage. Most people who go through the laser treatment process are very happy with the results, and they often see even the darkest, most prominent scars removed completely.

 Abrasive Treatment

The same way a chemical peel just kind of removes a layer of skin covered in scar tissue, an abrasive treatment can do something similar. This is a procedure you will have to go to a clinic for; it can’t be done at home. It’s definitely uncomfortable, but it also works very well. In some cases, the doctor will combine laser and abrasive treatments to ensure that all scar tissue is removed.

You have some options for how to deal with your acne scars. You don’t have to keep them forever as a reminder of your acne. These are some of the most effective methods for removing them, and you can always talk to a skin specialist to see what might be the best treatment for you based on how much scarring you have and how sensitive your skin is. 

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