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How to Become an Everyday Goddess

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2, Beauty

Understand the power of your beauty. As much as the world likes to promote “less is more”, it is not true.
Less is less and more is more. I remember back in my modeling days when I was required to wear a “natural look”.
I never felt it represented who I was or the strength of my beauty. So instead, I would show up with a face and hair that took 2 hours to complete.
This allowed me to be myself. This, in turn, made me comfortable and I ended up booking the majority of jobs I went out for.
When people say you look better without makeup, it might be true in some cases. But if you want to be a goddess, you have to express yourself through the optimum hair and makeup that is right for you.
I can’t even tell you how many jobs I’ve lost when I let my beauty power go into other people’s hands.
Since the ancient times, gods and goddess would use makeup and hair to express their power.
And it wasn’t a natural style!

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