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Hottest Trends in Indian Fashion

The fashion industry in India is currently expanding quicker than any other economy in the world. With India’s bustling commerce and rapidly increasing population, the current landscape for new and exciting fashion trends is always growing. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your wardrobe, wear your cultural clothing in a more interesting way, or just want to pay homage to one of society’s oldest civilizations, here are three fashion trends popular in India this year.

Bridal Trends

Weddings in India are huge, expensive ceremonies that last for days at a time. As such, India’s bridal market is ripe with bright prints and new ways for brides to dress on their special day. India is still heavily reliant on its traditional fashion industry, meaning that sarees and other traditional garb are still commonly worn by brides. Men also follow this trend, typically wearing sherwanis to their wedding days.

Traditional commonly meets modern nowadays. According to news from Nihal Fashions, women now commonly wear crop tops and skirts, brights colors, and interesting fabrics/textures. Contemporary trends like flowery prints and feathered fabrics have made their way into bridal fashion, making a bright red, feather studded crop top/skirt combo just as common as a traditional saree.

Sheer Fabric and Digital Prints

One of the most significant departures from traditional wear is in the fabric used to craft garments. Sheer fabrics layered over bright colors, like organza, are making their way into the limelight in India. Cotton and silk are the most traditional fabrics for sarees and other articles of clothing, but more exciting and flashy textiles and textures are becoming popular for traditional clothing.

In addition to new fabrics, digital prints are also gaining popularity. While handcrafted pieces are still the primary goto for traditional wear, Indian fashion shows are seeing digital prints, like flowers, graphic designs, and geometry, are printed onto sarees or Salwar Kameez for women or kurtas for men. This is a practice more commonly seen on western t-shirts, but the combination of rich and interesting designs on flowing traditional garb is a trend popular in fashion shows. You’re sure to see more prints on traditional clothing to make them stand out in a crowd in the future.

A Mix of Western and Indian Fashion

With globalization, Indo-American fashion has become more powerful than ever. Indo-American or Indo-Western fashion features a blend of both traditional and modern pieces from the west and the east. As borders become more and more blurred, and people begin to adopt other cultural ideas and styles, new clothing styles are commonly born. Indo-Western fashion has come from the Western world’s influence on Indian culture, and many people are starting to adopt more modern pieces into their wardrobe.

For example, the humble saree, which is an extremely common piece of traditional Indian wear, has begun to see a resurgence in the fashion limelight as streetwear. Instead of corsets and traditional pants, women are now mixing beautiful sarees with jeans, leggings, and other westernized clothes. The kurta, a traditional long sleeve shirt, can also be paired with shorts, jeans, and just about any other pants you can think of. The mix of rich and luxurious materials with stylish, modern pieces is one of the most exciting examples of the Indian fashion industry and its future growth.

Indian fashion is one of the most exciting landscapes globally, and there is tons of room to play and get creative with your clothing. Consider trying some of these new trends at your next event, and see how many compliments you get.

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