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Great Gift Ideas for Any Type of Gamer

The world of gaming is growing constantly in so many directions – video games, board games, even massive gaming championships. No two gamers are alike; some prefer fast-paced games on their phone while others spend hours meticulously constructing the perfect computer set-up for their graphics-heavy online worlds. Despite the fact that your gamer friend or loved one has clear interests, it can still feel impossible to find something they’d appreciate as a gift. Here you can find a few helpful suggestions to inspire you into tracking down the perfect gift for your gamer.


Every type of gamer needs hardware. Unless their games are purely imaginary, which some role-playing games are, it’s almost definite that specific items and devices will enhance their gameplay experience. Have you overheard them complaining about their old computer mouse? Is their controller old and broken? Are the numbers on their dice flaking? Take the time to find out the specifications of these items and choose a suitable upgrade. Forbes has a great list of computer mice for gamers. If most of their gear seems to be in fine condition, you could always buy them a custom gift such as a controller with personalized artwork or a lighting system to decorate their set-up.


Gaming accessories are similar to hardware but are less essential than perhaps a keyboard or monitor. You can find unique and cool designs for almost any kind of gaming accessory, from speakers, microphones, and headphones to mouse mats and extender cables. If your gamer has a top favorite game, you will probably be able to find accessories that match that game’s aesthetic.

Game Suggestions

If you have no idea what hardware your gamer would like, there are other options for gifts. If they have a very specific genre interest, you can look up games they might not already have and create a comprehensive list from which they can choose a new game. An alternative to this might be a set of games and suggestions they might never have considered – a purely PC gamer might be surprised to find that they enjoy a particular board game you found or a role-player might love casino games at Unibet. Even if you don’t want to spend lots of money on the games themselves, a well-presented list of suggestions – maybe writing them on a scroll and putting it in a bottle – shows that you have taken an interest in their interests.

Safety and Comfort

Gaming can take hours of sitting in one position and repeating certain motions, which can cause health issues. Gifts such as blue-light protective glasses, a padded wrist mat or even an ergonomic gaming chair will be greatly appreciated not only by your gamer but by their body. You can read more about the effects of blue light at All About Vision.


Many games have loads of fun merchandise and toys that bring the game to life. Bobble heads, clothing and themed decorations are great gift choices for gamers. Find out their favorite characters and show how much you care.


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