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First Trip to Europe? These Are the Places to Go You Won’t See on Instagram

These destinations will make your trip so much more unique.

Congratulations! You’re going on your first trip to Europe! This is an exciting time for you and planning ahead of time will help to make the most of your adventure. You’ve seen just about everyone else on Instagram standing in front of Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Rather than being like everyone else on social media, why not opt to go someplace more esoteric and unique? If this sounds like your type of vacay, here are some hidden gems we think you’ll love. They are a bit off the beaten path, but so worth it!

St. Michael’s Mount, England

St. Michael’s Mount is the ideal place to go if you’re looking for something romantic outside of the traditional urban vacation. Here, you can explore tide pools when the tides are low and you’ll love the traditional Cornish fudge that is so decadent. You’ll have an idyllic day in St. Michael’s Mount experiencing a bit of the English countryside and sea.

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