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Eyeliner Tricks Every Glam Girl Should Know

“They’re sisters, not twins,” has become somewhat of a daily mantra for most of us. We’ve all been there. That moment where you start to draw on your eyeliner and get the perfect cat flick. Now, it’s time for the other eye. Oops, it’s a bit longer, let’s fix the other one. Oh, now this one is wider, let’s fix the other one. A few steps later, and you’re left rocking a solid Amy Winehouse impersonation. Eyeliner is easily the most daunting makeup step. Even with years and years of practice, we can never seem to perfect it. We watch our favorite makeup artists getting the perfect flick with a simple stroke; HOW DO THEY DO IT?! Well, we don’t know about you, but we’re tired of taking ages to end up with mediocre lines. It was about time for us to find some tips and tricks that actually work- and we’re here to break them down!

The One With Eyeshadow

The biggest struggle with eyeliner is that it’s impossible to simply wipe off without leaving behind a huge mess. So, you naturally choose to add on to it to even it out and end up looking like a raccoon. Well, the next time you come to do your liner, start with an angled liner brush and some dark eyeshadow instead. Begin to map out your line, and you can easily wipe eyeshadow away with a cotton bud. Once you’ve got your shape down, fill it in with liner!

The One With Sticky Tape

We’re pretty sure this is the trick to rule them all. You know those little “sign here” post it notes you see lying around the office? Time to put them to use. Any kind of sticky note or even sticky tape is about to save your life. Simply place a piece starting from the outer corner of your eyes and pointing towards your eyebrows. You can alter the angle you place it depending on your preferred liner. Then just draw on your liner, wait for it to dry and rip the tape away to reveal the perfect dream cat flick!

The One With a Flame

Not into liquid eyeliner? Many of us aren’t; they can just get too messy. We find ourselves using Kohl liners, but sometimes they’re just too dry and drag too much. To avoid an even messier situation, take your favorite liner and run a lighter under it for a second. This will start to melt the pencil to form more of a gel eyeliner texture. Be careful with this one!

The One That Starts With a Line

We often start by trying to draw the perfect cat flick, but why not break it down to a few steps? Begin by simply drawing a thin line pointing out of the outer corner of your eye. Just a line. Then take your liner to the tip of that line, and begin to trace a line towards your eye. Now you just have to fill the triangle you’re left with in, and stay in the lines! Breaking it down to a few steps can actually speed up the process!

The One With an Eyelash Curler

This one is a makeup artist favorite! If you’re not into a dramatic cat flick and just want a bit of color on your lash line to give you definition, this is for you. Simply take your eyelash curler, and apply your liner directly to its inner edge. That way, when you come to curl your lashes you’ll be left with some liner smudged across your lash line!


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