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Ten Celebrity Sexy Old Hollywood Hairstyles for a Femme Fatale Look

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Indeed, trends come back around. But the Old Hollywood glam is more of a classic than a trend. This period in the world of showbiz was defined by icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Mia Farrow, and Elizabeth Taylor. These actresses inspired decades of hairstyles ranging from voluminous wavy hairstyles to bob and pixie crops. Old Hollywood glam is all about enhancing women’s beauty and individuality. If you are a fan of this timeless aesthetic, take a look at these sexy Old Hollywood hairstyles served by modern-day celebrities.

celebrity sexy old hollywood hairstyles
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You don’t need envious lengths to achieve Old Hollywood glam hair. Even a bob haircut makes a great base for this aesthetic. Top the look with an elegant hair accessory for a more impactful effect.

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