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EPITO.ME: The Manifestation of Practical Minimalism by Ruochun Ding

Inspired by body aesthetics, fashion designer Ruochun Ding is pleased to introduce her minimalist capsule collection EPITO.ME that prioritizes the harmony between the essentials and the body. The minimalism presented by Ding is not a rearrangement of black and white but a visual art generated through minimalistic details.

Unlike collections designed with a specific inspiration, EPITO.ME is a result of Ding putting together her original ideas and insights that she developed over the past four years in school. A sense of looseness and elongated silhouettes with a touch of tailoring details is what Ding describes as effortlessly chic.

“I aim to make a difference in our day-to-day wear through some simplified details that can bring lots of visual pleasure. There will be nothing too dramatic or too plain because I want my designs to be practical and cross match different pieces,” Ding explained.

The utilization of a loose shape was designed to add comfortableness to the ultimate color palette of minimalism. Ding pointed out that the way the silky ribbon could be passed through the hidden opening in the lapel or just be simply wrapped around the neck embodied her journey of seeking a practical solution for daily wear.

Ding put her favorite elements, pleats and tailoring into the concept of EPITO.ME with a belief  that the collision and contradiction of the opposites can deliver an unexpectedly fabulous outcome. Additionally, subtle changes in tailoring is the best way to avoid excessive effort that may undermine the minimalist sentiment.

Ding reckons that each fraction of a human body is beautiful and focuses on the overall harmonious phenomenon between the model and the clothes. The determining factor is whether the design can fit bodies of different types as well as showcase the original astonishing body looks.

“I asked the model to present my designs in a semi-nude state because I have always been obsessed with this classic beauty. It’s purely beautiful without any eroticism,” Ding further demonstrated, “And I think people should not be afraid to show their figure like my model.”

In her opinion, a tailor-made garment should be seen as the personality of the body instead of being an independent add-on item. People are expected to recognize and embody the emotion of the design as soon as they put it on, similar to the way the model did with EPITO.ME.

Ding sees EPITO.ME as a summary of the potential she discovered in herself after four years of studying and working with numerous excellent designers at various brands. As an advocate for practical minimalism, Ding hopes to introduce more advanced and functional designs to her audience in the future.

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