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How to Dress for an Outdoor Date

So you’re going on an outdoor date, but you’re not entirely sure what you should be wearing. This isn’t your typical date- you’re not sitting down at a table and conversing over a candlelight dinner, you’re heading out into the great unknown; anything could happen!

Still, an outdoor date is very unique, it’s very memorable, and it may be an experience that you’ll never forget. So what do you wear? How do you prepare for such a momentous occasion? You’ll need to put some practical thought into it, and you’ll need to make sure you’re ready for anything.

Consider the Environment

Right now, it’s pretty warm outside, we can’t really deny that, but you might be reading this article in the winter, and as such you’re going to need practical advice. What type of weather are you going to go out in? You’re going to be far away from the comforts of air conditioning and controlled climates, so if it’s cold, then you’re going to want to bring a coat.

What Type of Activity?

It’s hard to say what kind of activity you’re going to be performing, so make sure you ASK ahead of time. Let’s say your date is going to take you to an indoor climbing center where you’ll need to be ready to move around – a lot. Wear loose fitting gym clothes, but make sure they’re still flattering!

On the other end of the spectrum, they might be taking you for a walk on the beach; you’ll need swimwear, but make sure you wear it under your regular clothes, because you may not be taking a dip. Just remember, if you are on the beach, you’ll still want to dress fairly warmly, especially if you’re going at night; it can get colder than you realize. Also, make sure that you consider whether or not you’ll need your full range of motion- you can’t stretch or run well in fitted clothes, so don’t wear fitted jeans to a climbing center.

Check your Shoes

Please, for the sake of everything you hold dear, don’t wear high heels to a hiking trip. You don’t want to look like the evil stepmother from .≤The Parent Trap’; you know exactly what we’re talking about. Generally, if you’re going to be outdoors, wear a pair of stylish sneakers. If you’re walking the beach, sandals or flip flops are definitely acceptable, and probably even preferred.

Dress Brightly

Wearing bright colors on and outdoor date is a must. Don’t wear white, because you’re inevitably going to spill something, and it’s going to wreck your entire outfit. Also, make sure that you’re not wearing black .¨ you’ll bake under the sun, much like a potato. If you really want to hit the mark, wear something striped or a patterned shirt.

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