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Does Fast Fashion Have a New Competitor?

Could this type of shopping take over fast fashion?

There has been an emphasis on fast fashion over the past decade. After years of seeing piles of these disposable, trendy items pile up, we’re starting to be more aware of the social and environmental consequences to promoting and advocating fast fashion.
According to a new study, a different type of shopping could take over fast fashion by 2027. So what is it?

Resale shopping could eventually overtake fast fashion! A new study done by ThredUp said that consignment and thrift shopping is definitely on the upswing.

Instead of settling for cheaper items, Millennials are starting to realize that the quality and designer labels are important once again, but prefer the eco-friendly, low-cost options that resale boutiques offer instead of the traditional department store.

Fast fashion has a negative impact on the environment by increasing water pollution and textile waste. It also uses toxic chemicals and pesticides that are harmful to both man and animal.

Workers in third world countries that toil in factories are often paid a daily wage of $2.00. Fast fashion is also known for unsafe working conditions, no labor unions, child labor, and the exploitation of young girls and women. Many employees work up to seven days a week in unhealthy, unsafe, and unsanitary conditions.

Indeed, with many calling fast fashion an “environmental emergency”, Millennials are taking note and choosing other, more sustainable options for their fashion purchases. If they can purchase clothing that is more socially conscious, the new study showed that 70% of them will opt for the more ethical choice.

Although the resale and consignment market will probably not replace fast fashion totally, it will definitely affect the impact fast fashion has on clothing and merchandising. With more consumers growing in a sustainable and eco-friendly direction, the power of fast fashion might eventually decline.

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