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Create the Ultimate Look for this Season’s Return to Holiday Parties

In 2020, holiday celebrations meant Zooming with friends and family or inviting a few members of your quarantine pod over for a small, intimate dinner. However, if you’re itching to resume in-person festivities this year, the data shows, you’re not alone. According to a recent survey from PwC, most consumers will spend an average of $218 on holiday activities and entertainment in 2021, which is even more than they spent during pre-COVID times.

One tradition that’s poised for a comeback is the classic holiday party, and to make the most of this occasion, you’ll want to feel extra glamorous. After so much upheaval these past two years, now is the time to step out in style. So whether you have plans to attend a formal office gala in a chic hotel ballroom or a relaxed social at your best friend’s house, here are some tips to create the ultimate look for this season’s long-awaited return to holiday parties.

Dress to Make a Statement.

If 2020 was the year of sweatpants and loungewear, this holiday season will mark a resurgence of opulent, fashionable attire. So turn heads with a statement gown or cocktail dress that sends the message, “Notice me—I’m here to take this celebration up a notch,” says Fashion Nova, an online apparel, lifestyle and special occasion brand. Think: vibrant colors, lush textures and sleek, form-fitting silhouettes. Materials such as velvet, sequins, tulle and satin in festive shades of hunter green, navy blue, rose gold, classic black or burgundy will infuse a radiant glow of holiday spirit into your overall appearance.      

Choose a Fun Accessory.

With such a daring outfit choice, your instinct might be to skip the accessories, but one unique, unexpected accent piece will give your entire look a sense of whimsy. And what are the holidays if not whimsical, right? This is a chance to be as creative as you want—a cuff bracelet, heirloom brooch, sculptural earrings, wide lace belt or quirky hair barrettes are all fair game. Don’t overdo the accessories, as they should enhance the dress not steal focus from it, but a just a hint of playfulness will bring seasonal cheer to an otherwise high-fashion ensemble. So venture outside the box with this component of your look.     

Experiment with Bold Lips.

One major beauty trend to emerge in 2021 is the revival of bold, striking lip colors. The boost in confidence and empowerment that comes from this simple but elegant, polished look is hard to beat. Just a quick swipe of deep saturation across those lips can increase the volume of your makeup from attractive to dazzling. So play around with a variety of intense colors such as plum, fuchsia, cherry red, orange, bronze or chocolate brown until you find the right tone to match your complexion. With minimal fuss or effort, bold lips are sure to make you feel glam at all the seasonal events on your calendar.

Go Disco with Eye Makeup.

Here’s another makeup trend with strong, dynamic retro vibes which takes its inspiration from the 1970s. Disco-themed eyes have all the luminous, brilliant shimmer you want in a holiday look—perfect for walking into a room as the center of attention. To create disco eyes, start with a bright, jewel tone shadow on the eyelids. Teal, gold, royal blue, olive green or amethyst are excellent choices. Then build contrast with a subtle bronze underneath the eyebrow, a dust of iridescent glitter, and a chunky brush of liquid eyeliner. This look is both edgy and electric for the party-goer who intends to make an entrance.  

Slip into a Chic Pointed Shoe.

Whether you love a heel or prefer a flat, this cool-weather season is all about pointed shoes, which are inherently luxe and festive. A pointed heel can elongate and accentuate your legs with a short cocktail dress, while a pointed flat can balance and offset the extravagance of a floor-length dress. The color and style options with a pointed shoe are endless as well. For instance, choose an understated matte black for simple refinement, or lean into the seasonal glamor with metallic sparkles. After missing out on holiday parties last year, it’s time to dance the night away in shoes that feel extra special.    

Be a Standout at Holiday Parties with these Beauty Tips.

The 2021 holiday party scene promises to be full of elegance, boldness and sheer celebration. So join in this festive spirit and make a lasting impression at the holiday parties on your calendar with these memorable fashion and beauty trends. Creating the ultimate look doesn’t have to be complicated, but it absolutely will help you stand out from the crowd. 

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