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Choppy Shags Are Back From The 70s to Give You That Effortless Chic Look

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This year is all about the effortless looks. Whether we’re talking about makeup or hair, the motto is: the simpler the better. If you’re on the lookout for the simplest yet chicest look for the season, the choppy shag haircut makes a strong contender. Namely, this 70s trend has taken a modern update to fit our busy-schedule needs. Choppy and layered sections styled to frame the face are the newest trend to try this season. If you’re ready for a change, we’ve got some awesome ideas on how you can adopt this look. Scroll down for some of the most captivating choppy shags and choose your next hair makeover.

choppy shags are back from the 70s to give you that effortless chic look
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Photo By @jhair_stylist/Instagram

Spice up your look with a shoulder-length choppy shag. Add more layers around the face to create extra volume. You can further choose a hot-red full-color dye job for a fiery appearance.

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