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Celebs Approved Short Nails As the “IT NAILS” And Here Is Why!

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In a world where nail trends come and go like the seasons, there’s a hot new craze sweeping the glamorous playgrounds of Hollywood. Selena Gomez, Olivia Rodrigo, and Sofia Richie, three of our favorite celebrities, have given short nails the “IT NAILS” title. Yes, ladies, you heard that right: the time of long, fancy nails may be coming to an end, and the short nail shift is here to steal the show.

First of all, having short nails is one of the most useful things you can do for yourself. No more accidentally scratching yourself or fumbling with your phone because your nails resemble talons. These stylish and easy-to-care-for nails are made for the modern woman who is always on the go and doesn’t have time for high-maintenance luxuries.

But that’s not all. Short nails, indeed, give you a lot of room to be creative. Think about bright colors, detailed patterns, and fun details that can make a statement without being too long. Plus, they can be used for any kind of event, from casual lunches to fancy galas.

Get ready to embrace the short nail revolution – because when it comes to style, less is definitely more!

Celebs Approved Short Nails As “IT NAILS” And Here Is Why! 1
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Short nails are incredibly versatile. You can effortlessly switch from a casual day look to an elegant evening style without missing a beat. These nails are indeed like a blank canvas, ready to flaunt any design you desire.

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