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The Best Summer Nail Colors You Should Wear

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It’s time for you to give your nails a makeover with some daring, eye-catching hues.

It’s only natural to wear less makeup when extreme heat and humidity arrive. To avoid having your makeup melt off your face due to the intense sunlight and the accompanying sweatiness, we recommend that you use a sheerer application of foundation, switch to gloss instead of matte lips, and use only a couple of applications of mascara. However, the brightest and boldest nail polish colors of the year are saved for the summer, so there’s no reason to limit your manicure enjoyment just because it’s hot outside. In fact, you should try exploring various summer nail colors to see what suits you.

Indeed, the colors you choose to wear on your nails in the summer won’t always be the same ones you’d choose for the fall equinox or while getting ready for a Christmas party, but summer still provides plenty of opportunities for creative nail art. In many cases, these manicures are the year’s brightest.

Below, you’ll find the most up-to-date and fashionable options for your summer manicure colors.

No matter the style, there is always a summer nail paint that’s perfect for you. Check out the best summer nail colors below.

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Little daisies like these are a breeze to make on your own. On a bare base, flowers are created with a dotting tool or the point of a bobby pin. Add to the confetti effect by coloring the centers of your flowers in contrasting hues.

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